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Upgrading your FIOS router’s wireless security to WPA2

Verizon configures their wireless routers with WEP by default. WEP is incredibly easy to crack. Networking or security skills are not really needed. A simple Google search sets would be hackers on their way to cracking a WEP protected wireless network.

The good news is WPA2. Most Verizon routers support WPA2.

Setting up WPA2 on your Verizon router

  1. Connect to the router with your web browser – and login
  2. Click on Wireless Settings in the top bar
  3. Click on Basic Wireless Settings in the left nav bar
  4. If Wireless is off – turn it on
  5. If WEP is on – turn it off
  6. Click Apply at the bottom
  7. Click Advanced Security Settings in the left navigation bar
  8. Select WPA2 under Level 1
  9. Select Pre-Shared Key for Authentication Method
  10. Select ASCII as the format for the Pre-Shared Key
  11. Enter a good pass phrase* for the Pre-Shared Key.
  12. Select TKIP and AES for the Encryption Algorithm.
  13. Click Apply at the bottom.
  14. Test the new settings.

* Use a good Pass phrase

  • Use a good, strong pass phrase.
  • Don’t worry. The pass phrase is only used the first time a computer accesses the network. It doesn’t get entered every time.
  • Do not forget to write the passphrase down.

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