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Microsoft Windows File Server Locked File Watcher

  • It is common for companies to work with Excel, Word and other files on Windows network shared folders.
  • More than one user cannot usually work on files like Excel at the same time.
  • When trying to open a locked network file it can be hard to see who has it locked.
  • The best method to see who has a file locked is from the Windows file server. But that requires Administrator level access. That level of access is not practical for all users for security reasons.
  • This tool has two parts:
  • A Powershell process that watches for locked files and saves the result.
  • A web server that displays the locked files and who has them locked.
  • No special access is required to view the web results.The Powershell process uses
  • The Powershell process uses a list of watched files and folders. This limits the number of files displayed. This also allows it to avoid showing sensitive files or network folders.

Visit Github to download.

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