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The guys in Wallace Deer Management Association are using the website

Not all the features are working yet but the guys are using the website to coordinate their hunting. The site is live!

The larger audience uncovered some new issues.  I appreciate the work-flow around Ruby on Rails more because of how smooth it is to resolve this stuff.  The guys can see their reaction put to immediate use.  The fixes and improvements are happening before their eyes.

Agile Web Development with Rails is a good resource for someone starting out with Ruby on Rails and the Agile style of development.  That was especially useful since time is very tight as well as the budget.  Doing quick prototypes of features helped the guys to see and test what they were asking for.  We could abandon an unwanted direction and focus elsewhere without wasting time.  Time that is in short supply.

The guys have a great understanding of deer management.  Most used PCs casually and were definitely not into programming.  Creating the web site with Ruby on Rails allowed us to stay in the domain of deer management.

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