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Runkeeper disconnects from Wahoo Blue HR strap since update

Runkeeper didn’t call out the heart beats at the two minute interval. It called out distance and pace but not heart beats. Runkeeper showed the Wahoo Blue HR monitor connected when the activity started. Ending the Runkeeper app and restarting produced the same results. The monitor is connected at first but then looses the connection.

  • The problem appeared since the April 5th iOS update.
  • Just replaced the HR monitor’s CR2032 battery a week ago. The documentation said batteries should last a year but I figured the device & factory installed battery could have sat for a while. It is a new battery so that shouldn’t be the problem.
  • The Wahoo app maintained connection to the Blue HR monitor for a whole activity.
  • The Blue HR monitor was unpaired in Runkeeper and then paired again. That didn’t help.
  • The next day Runkeeper connected fine with the HR monitor at first but lost connection before the first update interval.
  • Instead of restarting Runkeeper, the Wahoo app was started with Runkeeper in the background. The Wahoo app connected ok. At the next update interval Runkeeper called out the heart rate along with the other data.
  • So having the Wahoo app running along with Runkeeper works around the problem. This is good because Runkeeper shows heart rate overlaid with speed, altitude and GPS position on the map display. Seeing all this data together is more meaningful.

UPDATE: ¬†Runkeeper is aware and a fix is on the way as soon as Apple approves the update…thanks, Bob!

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