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Google Deletes Last 7 Years Of User’s Digital Life, Shrugs – The Consumerist


Something happened to Dylan’s Google account, and it’s been disabled. He doesn’t know what happened to the account, and no one at Google with the power to help him is interested in acknowledging the problem or letting him back in to the cloud-based services where all of his correspondence and much of the digital trail from the last few years of his life is stored.

Google Deletes Last 7 Years Of User’s Digital Life, Shrugs – The Consumerist.

Gmail Backup is a free utility that backs up the email in a Gmail or Google Apps for domains account.  It will backup all emails as individual files in the backup folder.  Gmail Backup preserves Gmail Labels as well.

  • Download the utility here – and install.
  • Activate the IMAP access to your Gmail mailbox
    • Open GMail settings
    • Under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab enable IMAP.
    • Save changes
  • Start Gmail Backup and fill in the fields.

The first backup will take a while depending on how much is in the Gmail account.  You can save time later by updating the ‘Since Date’ field to the last time you backed up.


gmail-backup screenshot


The developers of the Gmail Backup are:

For more reasons to back up visit their site:



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