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Creating a distribution list on an iPhone or iPad.

As much as people use distribution lists/email groups you would have figured that feature would be a native part of the iPhone and iPad by now. Many people think that creating the lists is easy and they are just missing it. Email distribution lists are not part of iOS but there is a workaround. It is not an Apple-like feature but it works.

  • Open Notes.
  • Create a new text note or use a separate, empty line.
  • Enter the email addresses that you want in the distribution list, separating each address with a comma but no spaces.
  • Select and copy the line with email addresses.
  • Open Contacts.
  • Create a new contact.
  • Enter the distribution list name in the Company.
  • Select the Email field and Paste the email addresses.
  • Save the email distribution list to your contacts. The distribution list will be available for sending email.

There are a couple apps in the App Store for handling email groups. The apps are awkward for replying or forwarding messages though.  Apple restrictions on what third-party apps to do with contacts and email is restricted.

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